Advanced Usage for the....
 All In ONE Blockage Clearing Power System

What is the All In One Blockage
Clearing Power System?

 The All In One Blockage Clearing Power System ​aims to assist you in
and then clearing any type of energetic blockage
that may be in your life
so you can move
forward more effectively.

But How?

The All In One Blockage Clearing Power System works by first raising your vibration. This is important as this process makes it easier
to identify underlying, potentially hidden blockages and then
allows you to be better able to effectively clear them.

Whilst this attunement aims to help you identify and clear energetic blockages, you may still be required to make changes in your life in
order to truly clear and move forward.

However, this Reiki Attunement gives you the energetic support
that helps you solving your problems.


Here is a detailed process ovierview:

 STEP 1: Get The Attunement

STEP 2: Activate the energies

When you activate the energies they will always access the energies and frequencies that are most beneficial for you at that time. It will be personal to you. In addition to this, open-ended energies allow you to find uses and functions for blockages clearing that may not be mentioned in this manual. You are actively encouraged to explore any new uses and be creative.


STEP 3: Identify the Blockages

You can run the energies of the Identify Blockages function in a meditative state with the aim of revealing hidden blockages that you may not be aware of. To activate the energies of the Identify Blockages function, get into a quiet and meditative state and simply use intention and repeat:

‘Identify Blockages ON!’

Using this function will bring to your awareness any hidden blockages that you may not be aware of. You should only activate the Identify Blockages function once a day and only when in a quiet or meditative state. The energies will flow
for around 15 minutes.

Once you identify a blockage, then you can select one of the following
functions to clear the blockage.


STEP 4: Blockage Clearance

To activate all the blockages clearing functions included in this attunement
simply use intention and repeat:

‘Blockages Clearance ON!’

Using this function will clear any blockages that are ready to be cleared, wherever they may be or whether you are aware of them or not. You should only activate the Blockages Clearance function once a day unless you are working on
any significant blockage issue.



SInce we were using and expanding on this outstanding
system over time - here are some advanced techniques.


1. Use this muscle technique if you are not sure
where your blockages are located.

Go through all layers ONE  by ONE.

Ask: Is the aura layer blocked? (for example)

Muuscle Strong - NO
Muscle Weak: YES

In this way you can pass from layer to layer
and issue to issue.

Before doing it say:

‘Identify Blockages ON!’

Access the video here


2. Apply the Clearing function during your sleep:

Before you sleep say mentally:

‘Blockages Clearance ON!’

Then continue: ' I ask my Higher Self and the Healing Energy to remove all blockages - which can be removed in this moment in time - out of my Energy Field overnight - START'

In the morning write down your dreams if you like, as you can
identify where the bloackages are.


PRO TIP 1: You can ask the assistance of Angels (Raphael for example)

or your personal healing guide to assist.


PRO TIP 2: Use Crystals or Angel Stones to help in healing.

Note: If you don't have Crystals use the etheric versions - work same.

Click Here to Get them

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Who should use this System?

The system is recommended for all who want to actively
improve their life.


Who should NOT use this system?

All who don't like to leave their comfort zone!

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