But Sabotage Your Goals, Well Being And
Even Your Daily Happiness!

If You Want To Heal These Blockages
Then It is time for the ...
'All In ONE Blockage Clearing Power System !'

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Many people are  always wondering why they can never
reach their optimum level of performance.

Sure, most are doing well overally, but in one or more
areas in their life they are completely under-performing.

You might call it fate, karma or missing focus but...


We call it:

Blockages in one or more parts of your Aura
or Energy field.


These can be chakras, mental body, emotional, some
sort of pattern and even Past Life misalignments.




All In ONE Blockage Clearing Power System

This is a COMPLETE Solution.

What is the All In One Blockage
Clearing Power System?

 The All In One Blockage Clearing Power System ​aims to assist you in
and then clearing any type of energetic blockage
that may be in your life
so you can move
forward more effectively.

In order to effectively move forward in life, be that with goals, relationships,
spiritually etc, it is vital that you are aware of anything that may be
energetically blocking you in achieving this.

This includes aspects of yourself and energies outside of you.  

The All In One Blockage Clearing Power System works
by first raising your vibration.

This is important as this process makes it easier to identify underlying,
potentially hidden blockages and then allows you to be
better able to effectively clear them.  

Whilst this attunement aims to help you identify and clear energetic blockages, you may still be required to make changes in your life in
order to truly clear
and move forward.

However, this attunement may give you the energetic support
that that may require.

Think about it:

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”



Energetic blockages are energies that are associated with emotions,
conscious and subconscious thoughts, spiritual awareness etc.
that prevent energies from flowing freely.

The slowing down or the complete stop of free flowing energies may, over time, cause physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

Blockages typically prevent you from moving forward in life.

They may cause confusion and prevent you from thinking or feeling clearly, further compounding the ability to move forward.

Blockages can be subtle.

Often the obvious is just a surface level manifestation of a
deeper underlying blockage.

It can be difficult to identify these deeper blockages and they
tend to require time thinking about or contemplating the deeper
meanings of situations.

Again, this may be difficult when the blockage is causing confusion.


However, this system we offer you here gives you the energetic support to identify these blockages!

What Kind Of Blockages Can Be Healed With This System?


Energetic blockages tend to occur within the auric layers. They may present as localised areas of slow or stuck energies. These blockages usually occur due to internal energies slowing down or due to external energies that infiltrate the aura such as imprints or attachments such as implants and etheric cords.



All chakra blockages will disrupt the functioning of the chakra. In so doing it reduces its ability to bring in and give out energy. This, in turn, has the potential of reducing vitality, lowering vibration and depending on the chakra, other attributes may manifest.



Meridians operate like little rivers, that distribute energies around your energy bodies within the physical body. When a blockage occurs, it will typically get blocked emotionally. So when working with emotional clearings, it may be
beneficial to also clear the meridians to try and get the deepest clearing possible.


Like most blockages, emotional blockages can be quite complicated and occur over several different energy bodies. The main location for emotional blockages are within the emotional body, which is an auric layer. Blockages within the emotional body, depending on how large, may cause energies to get stuck and then accumulate causing the emotional body to create 'congestions' like stress, fears etc.


As with emotional blockages, blockages within the mental body can also result from an accumulation of energy. Clearing mental blockages are important for many different reasons such as increasing abundance, relationship health, your perception of your reality etc.



Spiritual blockages tend to picking up external energies such as imprints,
implants, and attachments. It also tends to be most effected by auric tears and chakra misalignments.


Blockages associated with relationships (friendships, romantic relationships, acquaintances etc) can be the most difficult to work with. This is because they tend to run very deeply and across many different energetic locations. When working on relationship blockages it is very important not to focus on the other person. You must focus on yourself, even if you feel the other person is at fault. We can't stress this enough.


Goal blockages tend to occur in places that effect personal power, intuition, and the subconscious. Focusing on these areas may have a significant impact on knowing what goals to set and achieving them.



The biggest blockage to abundance and manifestations are non-serving subconscious thoughts. Subconscious thoughts are created based on past experiences in order to keep you safe. So if you had a bad experience that may impact what you want to achieve, your subconscious will be warning you off doing it by subconscious actions that ultimately self-sabotage you in order to keep you safe.



You are an interdimensional energy being. You live in a multiverse with
unlimited and constantly diverging simultaneous timelines. What this means is that there are multiple versions of you, each slightly different, in different
realities, all at the same time. As you read this there will be a timeline where you are a man and in another, you are a woman and yet in another you are old and in another you are young and so on.

I agree - it is a bit of a mind bender:)

Energetically this means that there may be a blockage in one of the ‘yous’ in one of the timelines. Sometimes, this can have an effect on you in this reality. The most common issue concerns attachments, rather than internal energy blockages such as mental blockages.



Similar to interdimensional blockages, past life blockages are not created in this reality, but rather from actions in past lives that are brought with you. Past life blockages typically are spiritual blockages and can include curses, soul contracts, family connections and past memories.

The clearing of past life blockages may be good to do when working on ascension, spiritual growth, and relationship issues

Once you let go of your blockages...

Then you are ready to move on!

"This Clearing system is really an eye opener. I was able to identify my blockages even it took me awhile to adapt to the  energies. Thanks again for this outstanding  energy healing
solution Tom. Luv ya..."

-Crissie V, NYC, USA

The All In One Blockage Clearing Power System Includes:

  • Blockage Clearing Attunement
  • Blockage Clearing Healing Manual

  • Blockage Clearing Certificate

  • Blockage Clearing Healing Audio
  • Your own Healing Space works on 11 Blockages (see above)
  • Can be used for clients and can be transmitted to others

Offer A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Included As Your BONUS Is This $49 
Blockage  Releasing Healing Audio (Length 1hr)

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I want to thank you for spending your time reading about this
All In One Blockage Clearing Power System which should you bring back into your personal energy flow which is your soul mission.

I wish that you'll receive the full benefits of this Life Changing
Tranformation Power Today.

In Lak'ech,

T : O M

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