Welcome to your Personal Healing Session Today. 

The energy of this healing is encoded into the image below. To receive the energy, you will do the following:


Step1: Say mentally “I align with the  Powers Of Light
And my ‘Higher Self’ – NOW
I ask that  the following Energy will be integrated in my energy field with
ease and grace in that moment of time.”

(Then give the command ALIGN - ENTER and feel your focus quickly and easily moving upward your spinal column from the base of your spine, up and out the top of your head. It should take no more than a second or two)

Step 2: Say Mentally or Loud:

I AM Activating WHOLENESS In My
DNA To The Fullest Potential In
This Moment Of Time!

Then look at the image above and mentally say 
'ACCEPT' and the energy will be transfered to you.




LECTURE: What are DNA Activation?


In Short....

Most people know that  DNA is the  'blueprint of life' and  is located in  every cell of  the  body. In  addition to each  chromosome's 2 strand double helix of DNA, there are an additional 22 etheric strands of  "junk DNA" available to each human, which have been dormant since the beginning of recorded history. Each additional strand possesses attributes that permit the individual to perform greater human accomplishments. Scientists acknowledge that we currently only use 3% of our current   2  strand DNA. Imagine activating 100% of your 2 strand DNA, plus 22 additional strands! 

How can there be additional strands of DNA and what does this look like?

The portions of the DNA chain that science has presently identified as the "Double Helix", represent only the surface portions of the chemical, elemental, and electrical components of the active DNA strands. Science has yet to identify the multidimensional spectra of DNA manifestation, and has yet to realize that within the structures of detectable DNA, there are levels of structure and function that direct the operations of the entire genetic blueprint, which are not currently detectable by the contemporary scientific method.

What are the reported benefits and results of DNA Activation?

DNA activation removes the energetic blockages to you embodying your Higher Self. So consciousness expansion is one of the main benefits. After the sessions, you will be more aware of everything, especially what your purpose is and why you incarnated here at this point in time. You will start to become aware or see things that others cannot see - some of the hidden agendas going on and how to make decisions to help you and your family in the best way possible. Your dormant brain functions will start to become active, especially your pineal gland. This will help to start tapping into your higher senses, and you will be able to use these on a daily basis with practice.

What type of healings occur after having DNA Activations?

Spontaneous healings can occur at the time of activations. These usually have to do with acute physical and emotional disorders. There is a purification process that begins to detoxify the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. There have been many clients who have cured themselves of  chronic or serious diseases after having the DNA activation.


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