Want to Upgrade Your Chakra System?
Then create just a few connections and you're there...

"Now You Can Easily Connect To EACH of these Universal Rays (And our UNIQUE Attunements make this 10x easier to do...)"

The 7 Universal Rays Will Ugrade Your Chakra System Today!


The Universal Rays Transformational System consists of seven attunements that correspond to and activate the chakra system. Each Ray is brought forth by an Ascended Master who serves as a guardian of the higher lesson of that realm.
The Universal Rays empowerment serves as a self-transformational series which when completed - will propel you further along your spiritual path.
The empowerments correspond with the chakra system, and there are 7 in all!
Each of the rays are brought forth by an ascending master. Through each session you are connected with the corresponding Ascended Master.
Though we utilize the chakras and aura, it is also not chakra or aura therapy. Instead, the Universal Rays serve as a self-transformational series, which when completed propels you further along your spiritual path.
Many also find a deep, personal connection to one of the Ascended Masters or a Spirit Guide.
The goal of the series is to connect all individuals worldwide to unite to the Greater good of the Universe, to share openly to all who wish to receive these initiations, and to see how we are all One.
I have had exceptional results in attuning initiates across state and country lines.

Here is one person's account of the benefits
of the Universal Rays:

"I can see that Universal Rays has worked in my life. My personal view on myself  and life in general is so much calmer than it was before.  I can't thank you enough for that. An old friend of mine even told me that he  notices that I am more cooler now in stressive

I am managing situations better than I used to.  I'm now realizing that this is a slow   process,  that I will take  care of. Thank you for your magnificant healing opportunities. It has made a big difference in my life"

The Seven Realm Rays are:

Root Chakra--One Place--Master Hilarion

Sacral Chakra--One Being--Mother Mary

Solar Plexus Chakra--One Self--Serapis Bey

Heart Chakra--One Heart--Quan Yin

Throat Chakra--One Voice--El Moyra

Brow Chakra--One Vision--Saint Germain

Crown Chakra--One Spirit--Melchizedek

The 7 Universal Rays include:

  • 7 Universal Rays Attunement (LEVEL 1-7 in ONE)

  • 7 Universal Rays Certificate

  • 7 Universal Rays Meditation (45 min.Chakra balancing audio)

  • 7 Universal Rays Reiki Manual with attunement process

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