Sacred Flames Reiki

What can Sacred Flames Reiki do for you?

Like any other form of Reiki, Sacred Flames Reiki (SFR) is a practice of spiritual healing. This powerful and effective system was compiled by Allison Dahlhaus, by using different resources from the physical as well as spiritual realms. Actually Sacred Flames Reiki is a suite of guided visualizations and meditations that are designed in a way to help the body, mind and spirit heal on their own. Moreover, it helps to maintain equilibrium, both physically and energetically, within the systems of body. The great part is that there are no symbols or difficult techniques to learn in this form of Reiki.

Reiki Practice of Sacred Flames brings into use simple, yet really effective, methods. As we all know, the universal life force energy comes from the same source and it entirely depends on us as how we bond with it, making it different from others. This practice of healing respects your beliefs and religion, and by every means, encourages you to honor the Divine source with which you're familiar. It is important to give due importance to the aspects of the Divine to seek their guidance and support, while practicing Sacred Flames Reiki.

This healing system works with the contributions made by the fire in the metaphysical sense. However, the contributions can be made in the physical sense too. Casually thinking, what all fire can provide is protection, nourishment and light. Nourishment in the manner as it can be used to cook meals and thereby satisfy hunger. In metaphysical terms, the element of fire is used as a safeguard from negative energy. Strength, protection, purification and faith are all the positive attributes of Fire.

The spiritual hunger - the wish to grow and increase awareness, is also satisfied by Fire. It burns within all of us. The exercise of body is necessary to keep it fit and likewise, it is important to exercise the mind and spirit to retain health. Fire is a gift of nature and its elements offer spiritual light, so as to make our soul's path discernible to us. If you know a little about meditation, then you must be knowing that sometimes candle light is used during meditation to do healing at mental and emotional level.

It has been said and experienced that our minds connect with fire in a special manner. Somewhere in mind, realization dawns upon, making us to realize the importance of fire in ancient times. There is something special about this force, which cannot be described in words. The element of Fire is graceful and powerful as well. During the process of attunement to Sacred Flames Reiki, your channels will be gradually cleared by Masters and Archangels. And with this, your vibrational level will be raised.

The Seven Sacred Flames of SFR are supported by the Seven Chohans: Ascended Masters El Morya, Lanto, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Lady Nada, and St. Germain.

Some others adding to the power and force of each Sacred Flame are: Archangels Michael, Faith, Raphael, Chamuel, Charity, Gabriel, Hope, Jophiel, Christine, Uriel, Aurora, Zadkiel and Amethyst. Mother Mary, Ascension Master Maitreya, Ascended Master Buddha, Goddess Isis, Quan Yin, and the Goddess of Prosperity.

We all have access to these aspects of the Divine, but in receiving the attunement to SFR, you will be clearing the channel to these Masters and Archangels, who anxiously await the chance to raise the vibration of humankind.

The Sacred Flames Reiki Course includes:

    • Sacred Flames Reiki Attunement

    • Sacred Flames Reiki Certificate

    • Sacred Flames Reiki Manual with attunement process


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