More Awareness  Equals
  MORE Personal Power
In Your Daily Life!



Increasing Your Mental, Spiritual, Physical And Emotional   Awareness On All Levels Has Never Been So Easy!

This  Power Is Called....

Pyschic Reiki

This System has one attunement, and is a type of Reiki energy
that specialized in the concept of opening and
expanding your natural psychic abilities.


Psychic Power - What Does It Mean?

Psychic Power is available to everyone who wants to work with it. The focus of psychic power
is the development of one or more of the following senses: sight (clairvoyance),
hearing (clairaudience) or touch (clairsentience). Through the development of our
senses we strengthen our connection with the universal energy that is Spirit,
And to the Wisdom that Spirit Brings to us.

Psychic Reiki Attunement helps
increase awareness on all levels:
Mental, Physical, Spiritual and
Emotional, and also helps open
and expanding your natural
psychic abilities.

 IMPORTANT: This SYSTEM is also helping you to CLEAR the above mentioned bodies to allow
your natural psychic talents to surface!



Pyschic Reiki - How Can it help you?


 This attunement DOES NOT give "Instant Psychic Powers", but helps to open the person
more to allow their natural psychic abilities to come through.

As you may have heard many times, everyone has some psychic abilities, but many people
either never explore the possibilities, or just don't know how to.

With this attunement, people who have had experiences with clairvoyance or someone who
has had dreams in which they have received information, may experience stronger and
clearer messages, information and dreams. It's also possible for the attunement to
open a psychic ability that the person is not aware of.

In most cases people who receive the Psychi Reiki attunement will experience a very gradual,
subtle shift in awareness and psychic abilities. Many times they will not consciously be
aware of any increase in their abilities, but that doesn't mean one is not taking place.

The awareness could range from something as clear as making a proper decision in your
day to day activities, or as powerful as seeing a future event.


The Psychic Reiki Healing Course includes:

    • Psychic Reiki Attunement

    • Psychic Reiki Certificate

    • Psychic Aura Protection Audio (Duration: 100 minutes)

    • Psychic Reiki Manual with attunement process 

“I tried for many years to raise my psychic power but it didn't work as I expected. This attunement however changed it all. It seems I can find now more synchronicity in my daily life. Great experience after all these years!”

—Donna Mitchel, Santa Monica, California

As A SPECIAL Bonus You Will Receive

The Arcturian Electronic Plate Access (Value $199)

This healing access allows for honing in on the higher mind, and helps with bilocation, teleportation,
and telepathic development. An electronic plate (see image above) is anchored into the third eye that
reflects Light and helps the mind to hone in on the Higher Mind, which amplifies the Omnipresence and
synthesizes the Upper Spiritual Triad of the Higher Mind, Intuition, and Spiritual Will
Within the Body, Heart, Monad, and Cosmic Heart.



You will get these initiations
For a Limited Time For Only $ 49 USD

(Special GROUP offer: 50% OFF)



In Lak'ech,


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