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What Can Dragon Reiki Do For You?

Dragon Reiki holds an important place in terms of spiritual or holistic healing purposes. Many people who have tried it in their lives believe that it is really effective and powerful to reduce stress and making emotional balance.

Dragon Reiki is effectual for healing people who are suffering from major form of illness and is practiced in many medical institutes, like hospitals, healthcare centers, clinics, where people come for some kind of tough illnesses. Hospitals are offering this form of Reiki as an integral part of overall treatment process as doctors believe that this form of Reiki induces positivity in mind and enables them to get better soon.

With the Dragon Reiki Attunements you will learn:

  • A method to use of the invisible force of life energy
  • A method to make your healing more powerful
  • A method to heal body and emotions of a person & increases their holistic approach towards life.
  • A Healing method that opens new horizons for growth and change


Dragon Reiki is one of the most effective form to create a re-connection and healing of your Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit & Higher Self

Dragon Reiki was developed in China by practitioners of Japanese-based Reiki. These Reiki practitioners incorporated the essence of the dragon: deep healing and a strong connection with nature, with Reiki practice. Dragons are a part of Chinese culture, whereby the properties of the dragon are incorporated into their spiritual beliefs.

The philosophy behind Dragon Reiki is that healing begins within the individual, on a spiritual level, before it continues to the physical.

Therefore, the clearing and healing of the spirit through Dragon Reiki is the focus. Physical healing soon follows, as the body can heal when the spirit is well.

Reiki is a form of energy healing, designed to promote relaxation and enhance balance throughout the entire person: physical, emotional and spiritual. During a Reiki session, the practitioner channels Ki, or life force energy, to the recipient. This is done through either a light touch or over any distance. The guided energy is not limited by space or time. The recipient of a Reiki treatment may feel heat, cold, tingles, a magnetic sensation or a sensation outside the ordinary.

Unique Features of Dragon Reiki:

  • Many Dragon Reiki practitioners refer to a picture of a dragon to help them focus their intent on channeling the spiritual essence of the dragon properties to the recipient. This essence includes love and energy channeled directly and with strong intent to the recipient's spiritual source.
  • The recipient, as well as the Dragon Reiki Master, must be completely open and focused on accepting the love and healing that the higher spirit has to offer. This is different from traditional Usui Reiki, when both should be simply open channels, without strong intention or focus.
  • There are two attunements to get to Master level for Dragon Reiki. The attunements may be done in person or through distance with equal effectiveness.
  • Another quality of the dragon incorporated into Dragon Reiki is that of protector and strength. As the dragon fights against evil and darkness, he protects the people as well. This energy is meant to clear the spirit of negative energies and bring powerful healing to the spirit, along with protection.
  • There is a different form of Dragon Reiki developed by Victor Glanckopf, which includes secret rites, a dragon symbol and a healing ray technique in three attunements.

I will work with the DRAGON Energies during the attunements.

"I can see that Dolphin Reiki has worked in my family.  My wife and I aren't as snippy with each other even though the pressures of life still weigh on us, and my son is so much calmer than he was before.  I can't thank you enough for that!  A friend even told me that she notices that I've lost some of that tense edge I used to have.

I am managing situations better than I used to.  I'm seeing that it's a process, one that will take time but I am willing to keep trying. Thank you for your offer for regular healing. It has made a big difference"

JM. Ramdolph ,MA


(39$ Value)

Diamond Dolphin Reiki

[Step - by - Step  Healing Manual ]


(29$ Value)

Spiritual Dolphin Pendant

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Dragon Reiki includes:

      • Dragon Reiki Attunements (2 in ONE)

      • Dragon Reiki Manual with attunement process

      • Dragon Reiki Certificate

      • Dragon Reiki #60 min.Body & Soul Healing music - Click Sample Audio

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After you have paid over the secure server of PayPal we will agree on a date and time for YOU to receive the attunements and the manual.
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