This Important Revelation Helps You
to Release All Childhood Ballast! 

Did You ever think how important your name is?

See, everybody knows numerology and the importance of your name and the numbers associated with it.

You can easily find out your hidden strength and your talents.
Often it mirrors your complete destiny.

On the other end, there are ony fractions of what most people can bring into reality in life.

I talk about your soul blueprint here...

The limitations come from various factors often deeply grounded in your childhood even in your pre-birthtime.

Now here's the main point...

Your name, your spiritual name, the name of the place you live, your company name - they have all have energetic signitures connected with them, which often carry a lot of burdens, which can hold you back in many ways.

I AM now revealing to you a NEW System  which aims to clear negative energies from your birth and spiritual names and then aims to match the energies that truly represent and empower you.

In addition, this attunement also provides a tool that may be helpful in
identifying your current spiritual name.

The energies can also be used on any name associated with business, locations and objects.


 Take note that...

The vast majority of energy that comes to you is directed at you via your name. Any non-serving energy has the potential of imprinting on your name. If not cleared these imprints can cause blockages and prevent you from fully moving forward.

These energies are important. They have a profound
impact on your life and you can notice them
directly like the impact of Feng Shui.

Let me make it clear again: The Name Optimizer Attunement aims to assist you
in clearing negative imprints from your names (birth, spiritual, business, location and object names) that may be holding you back. The energies also aim to help you discover your current spiritual name.

Names often carry negative imprints.

That means that names have a huge amount of energy and power behind them. They define, in part, who you are, how you act, what is expected of you and what your
potential is.

Everything in life carries an energy imprint.

This is what is imbued into your name when one is selected for you at birth. Whilst much focus is given to the clearing of negative energies within and around you, very
little focus is given to your names.

To go into more detail.....

When you are born your parents or guardians select a name that they feel best represents you.

They also spend a lot of time selecting a name that they feel they want for you in your life. Most names have a set meaning that has either been created from a specific word or have been created over time by the community.

In addition to these more generic energies associated with a name, your name will also have been empowered by your parents own projections. Projections of what they want for you, what they want you to be like and also achieve in life and perhaps family
expectations or outcomes.

The energies that go into your name selection process hold a lot of power and imprinting. These energies are all imbued into your name. To give a clearer understanding of the multiple layers of imprint that your name has received, we will look at some of the main sources of imprinting that your name receives:

  • The energetic imprinting of your name comes from your culture
  • The meanings and associations that are personal to you
  • The familial sources - names that are given to you that are those of your relatives.
  • The ancestral source of your name comes from your family's ancestral background.
  • The spiritual source related to spiritual and religious sources.


Most people do not see you as an energy being, but as a name in the first instance. Therefore a significant proportion of energy comes to you via your name. All energy that comes to you through your name can be imprinted on your name. As an example, if you suffered verbal abuse from a family member, the abuser would be directing the abuse (negative energy) directly at you.

It is unlikely the intention would be to direct it at you, as an energy being, but rather the intention of the abuser would be directed at you, via your name. When the abuser shouts at you, their intention is to direct it at you the person, who has a name. All the negative energy comes at you via your name.

These energies then will be imprint on your name.

As you go about your normal daily life you literally carry these imprints with you. It is why it is so important to clear your name of non-serving imprinting and energies.

Now your inner light bulb starts opening up by seeing which huge impact you are carrying with you since birth and what challenges come with it.

The Name Optimizer Program includes:

  • NOP distance attunement
  •  NOP  Certificate
  • NPO 120 Minutes Clearing Music
  • NPO Manual with attunement process
  • Includes my 4P Healing and Transformation Process
  • Lavender Essential Oil For Clearing  ($19.99 Value)

Lavender oil provides spiritual healing. The gentleness of lavender encourages
compassion while helping to soothe deep sadness. Lavender conjures feelings of
balance and emotional well being.

The many healing traits that lavender oil provides can also have a healing effect on your spirit. Lavender oil encourages feelings of tranquility and peace. It allows for you to remain calm during times of stress and unblocks your chakras and
aura from
negative attachments.

This FREE Bonus Oil Includes A FULL GUIDE on how to use it!




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