Who Else Wants To Improve
The Personal Cash Flow and Create
An Abundant Life In 21 Days From Now?

This Energy System Is Called MONEY Healing

And Connects You To The Energy of Abundance,
Wealth And Abundant Living!

What Can Money Healing
Do For You?

It is a High Vibrational Abundance Frequency of healing.

Money Reiki helps heal the negative or limiting energies that people collect about money and gently yet powerfully aligns one’s own energy with that of money, wealth and abundance.

Many of us have conflicting beliefs and energy about money, prosperity and abundance. We aspire to live well and to provide for our families, our employees, our animals and our communities. However, society and perhaps our own family has  fostered beliefs that money is bad or that we are not worthy of having plenty.

As a Money Reiki Master, you will receive  special attunements that heal these money issues and lifts your and the vibration of money on the planet back to it’s natural state of abundance and prosperity for all.

“Just like boosting your immune system will keep you from disease, so will aligning your energy to the Spiritual Energy of Money, the true essence of abundance and prosperity.”

With the Money Healing Attunements you will connect to...

  • Archangel Raphael

  • Money Devas

  • Energy of Master Hilarion

  • New LEVELS for growth and heal your money flow


Note: This is a 3 LEVEL/7 Symbols attunement in ONE.



You may have experience with Reiki (“RAY-kee”). Reiki is a Japanese word that means Universal Life Energy. In a Reiki energy healing, a Reiki Practitioner or Master channels Spiritual Life Force Energy and helps bring the recipient’s energy field back into balance, alignment and vibrating at a higher level.

Money Reiki Healing deals specifically with Universal money energy, helping you receive, spend and manage money more consciously and efficiently for the highest good of all. Money Reiki Healing Energy helps raise the consciousness of money on the planet by creating global energy shifts surrounding money. Money Reiki Healing is a form of distance energy healing and can be done for anyone no matter where they are in the world. Align Your Energy With Wealth, Abundance And Prosperity.

Money Reiki is not meant to be used to hit the lottery or for “get-rich-quick” schemes, although it’s perfectly fine for you to ask to have money appear unexpectedly. Deep Money Healing happens with every energy transmission a person receives and the speed of individual results depends on how blocked each person’s money energy is. The best results come from having the proper intention so that you can start to align with the flow of money. As a Money Reiki Master, you can help to clear out ineffective negative energies so you or your clients can naturally attract more money into their life. 


Unique Features of Money Reiki:

  • Money Reiki help us to heal money issues

  • This system is destined to heal all energetical spectrums which prevent your abundance.

  • Perfect for all people, who want to attract a better cash flow 

  • The symbols will help you in clearing, healing and transforming  all karmic and relevant issues

  • The energies of Money Healing can start a strong self healing process in body, spirit, leaving everything old, unnecessary, what lost the sense in the life, what cab finally disappear from our life. It can be work, relationships…anything that sabotages your money flow

  • But this energy is so much wise and lovely, that if asking it’s power, it’s strength will be only to your Highest Good - from the perspective of your Soul and the Universe

I will work with the Abundance
ENERGIES  during the attunement.

"I could feel the Money Reiki Healing is working because I could physically sense changes in my body during the attunements. When I was receiving the energy, I saw amazing colors and I felt a deep sense of calm and peace come over my body. Not sure if I can enjoy the desired money in 21 Days but I definiteley made up my mind for it." 

Sarah, Atlanta, USA

Money Reiki includes:

  • Money Reiki Attunement (3 Levels - 7 Symbols)

  • 3 Money Reiki Manuals with attunement process

  • Money Reiki Certificate

  • Money Reiki #60 min. Abundance Flow Healing Music
    (with Binaural Beats)

You will get The Whole Package
Including  3 Initiations...

   A Limited Time
For ONLY $39 USD

(special GROUP offer: 50% DISCOUNT)

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Q: Do you offer support if I need help?
Yes! I believe that top-notch support is key for a quality product/life and I will do my very best to resolve any issues you encounter via my support mail.

Q: Do I get updates for this Reiki System and are there symbols involved as in USUI Reiki?

Yes! Automatic updates are delivered 100% free of charge to all users - there are 7 symbols involved.

Q: Will Money Reiki will work for me?

I recommend follow the daily life instructions in the manual.

Q: I have other questions regarding the usage of Money Reiki, can you help?

Yes! You are welcome to ask any question you wish from my support mail.

Q: Are there any guarantees to receive more money and achieve financial freedom?

As mentioned in the manual this system is not for winning jackpots or lotteries and as such different than
the typical law of attraction courses.

Healing, clearing and detox of money issues on your physical, tribal and spiritual levels are the main topic. And
it helps you find your personal destination while removing fears. If you use it wisely you'll reach the NEXT level in your spiritual/healing journey - that's for sure :)


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