Would You Like To Know Your

Then You Ready To Find It Out..

What Is Your Unique Way Home?

The healing system presented  here will enlighten both your
physical and spiritual path.

As you know by now.... 

 We are all spiritual beings and sooner or later we all will come back home to Light...


But everyone has his/her special way home, everyone has their own spiritual path!


And you are here to find your Own TRUTH!

With this Life Path Empowerment you will connect with your....

  • Personal Life Force

  • Energy In Your Physical Reality

  • Spiritual Healing Power

  • Your OWN Life Path

Note: This energy brings you in the right place
in the right moment in time!


This powerful Healing & Transformation Modality  which the  Life Path Igniter  truly is - lets you sync your life with your true destination.

When you are in sync with your spiritual path, life suddenly seems to take on meaning.

You’ll see the things that used to cause you anxiety and suffering for what they are, and you’ll feel that you’re starting to transcend the superficial trivialities that people concern themselves with.

More importantly, each revelation on your path will fill you with a sense of awe.

You’ll feel moments where it all just seems to fall into place – everything seems to make sense to you.

Life will seem miraculous where it never seemed so before. You’ll feel as if your eyes have been opened.

Even if you don’t know what the answer is. Even if at the end of it all, all there that exists is a mystery, you’ll feel a profound faith that there is an end, even if it is not open to you to understand.

You won’t need to know what it is, you just know it’s there.

The result of all this is a confidence, an absolute sureness that there is indeed a bigger picture and that you fit into it in some way. You’ll no longer need to believe – you’ll just know.

REMEMBER: This Life Path Igniter lets you be
in the right place in the right time

Unique Benefits of the Life Path Igniter:

  • Let you follow your personal own path both in spiritual life and material life
  • Freedom from recycling negative pattern 
  • Gives you more direction in life
  • Experience synchronicities 
  • Experience INNER and OUTER Peace
  • Provides you with a feeling of knowing
  • Increased happiness and contentment with life
  • Less emotional upset and living in a more balanced state
  • Attract the right people into your life circle
  • Heals relationship challenges; to finding love and happiness
  • Helps you to find your TRUE life purpose
“I couldn't imagine which great impact this ignition would bring into my life. It seems I finally got what I always wanted to get. Thanks again my beloved friend Tom!”

—Eliza Purrel, , Phoenix, USA

The Life Path Ignition Healing includes:

  • Life Path Attunement

  • Life Path Manual with attunement process

  • Life Path Ignition Certificate

  • Life Path Healing #60 min.Body & Soul Transformation Music






Personal  Life Path Reading (VALUE $49USD)



You will get this Life Path Ignition PLUS  Bonus  

For a Limited Time For Only $ 39 USD
(Special GROUP Offer: 50% DISCOUNT)







Q: Do I get updates for this  System and are there symbols involved as USUI Reiki?
Yes! Automatic updates are delivered 100% free of charge to all users - there are NO symbols involved.
 Q: Does Life Path Ignition require any Reiki pre-requisite?
No prerequiste healing layer is needed - but you need an open mind.

Q: What does theLife Path reading contain?
It contains a report of yourlife path based on your birth chart.

Q: Are there any guarantee that this system works for me?
As mentioned in the manual this attunement will briing you in the right place
in the right moment to do the best thing for yourself and for all your life, inner and outer!
So - it's your  turn to make the quantum jump as pictured by the goldfish.





Peace & Love,

T: O M



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