Would You Like To Attain Increased Vitality, Well-Being and  Spiritual Maturity?

Then you are ready to receive your Personal:

**Life Enhancer**

You'll get Something Special Today!

A lot of practitioners and spiritually interested are always looking for an
All in ONE solution that is both very effective and easy to apply.

Unfortunately, many 'regular' solutions haven't evolved and ended up leaving you without fast and lasting results.

But NOW, There is an Solution that can fix it all in once.

It is Your Personal Life Enhancer Orb.

What is a Personal Life Enhancer?

Your Personal Life Enhancer is very special healing gift.

I have made over 100 of them for others, and have 18 of my own.

The Life Enhancer  is an "etheric ball" of high-frequency life-force energy....

....one which continually recharges.

(This is what makes it different from a simple energy ball.)

Anyone can receive and use the Life Enhancer simply by  calling the Orb to you as instructed.

The Orb sits above your crown chakra. It is very unlikely that you will see, hear or smell it (although some people do!) however you may feel it "tickling" your head!

The Life Enhancer Orb remains in position in your energy field and "drip-feeds" life-force energy into your aura 24/7, as well as protecting you from negative energies.

Your Life Enhancer Orb will last a lifetime but there is no need to stop at just one.

The Life Enhancer empowerment enables you to create your own Life Enhancer Orbs  (for yourself and/or others).

Some sensitive animals have been known to act very strangely when in the presence of a new Orb -which can be very funny!

If your mature animal starts acting like a kitten/puppy again, your new Orb may be the reason ...

Why should you use a Life Enhancer Orb?

As we all know...

Over time your energetic blueprint gets misaligned, congested and 'dirty' through your thoughts, emotions, physical activities, environment, karmic  imprints, ancestral linages, elementals, food intake and the possibilities are endless.

To shift and transform these negative aspects back into your original
blueprint you need a source which continuously and effortlessly 24/7 clears, optimizes and enhances your energy field because....

Healing requires from us to stop struggling, but
to enjoy life more and endure it less.

How Can You Use This VERY
Powerful Life Enhancer For?


The possibilities are limitless, bounded only by your imagination, but here are some examples:

## Clear a room of negative energy

## Charge water or your drinks with life-force energy 

## Clear your chakras, aura or meridians (I often ask that they are 'optimised')

## Clear (or optimise) another person's chakras, aura or meridians

## Ask it for healing or support, on any level

## Lend your Orb to someone for healing or support

## Helps you to fall asleep

## Possibly stop a barking dog - you are advised to ask your Orb to request that the dog be quiet. Ask nicely!

## Try using it to heal the Earth - she needs our positive energies and healing more than ever.

Once you let your personal Life Enhancer unfold its Divine Power...

Then you are ready for an overall healing and protection from all negativity & adversities  and welcome 2019.

  • You gradually will receive energetic clearing and protection.
  • You will have Increased levels of energetic vitality.
  • You may use energies for yourself and for others.
  • You may attune others to these energies. 

"The effect of this Life Enhancer Orb is simply amazing. I tested it in many ways and my personal well being has improved tremendously. I often use it for EMF radiation while working in the office. Thanks for this great life changing experience."

- Ruth, San Francisco

Your Personal Life Enhancer includes:

  • Life Enhancer Empowerment
  • Life Enhancer Healing Manual

  • Life Enhancer Certificate

  • 1hr.Life Enhancer Chakra Healing Audio
    (This is a $111 BONUS Healing Session using the LE Orb)
  • You will have your own Healing Orb
  • Can be used & repeated lifetime



Included As Your New Year Gift Is This Blessed Bracelet For Luck & Prosperity In 2019!

Get Your Personal Life Enhancer & Gift for

50% Discount Today!


I want to thank you for spending your time reading about this Amazing Transformation Orb which is a High Frequency Gift for you. As always - your intention is the key, and as long as you don't attempt to use it for ill, or to over-ride another's free will, your Orb will do as you request - as long as it's for your highest good. I wish that you'll receive the benefits of this Divine Healing Power Today.

In Lak'ech,

T : O M

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