Karmic Reiki Distant Attunement

Karmic or Auric Reiki has two attunements, it is a type of Reiki energy that
specialized in the concept of Karma and dealing with the various negative
issues that arise from Karmic events.

You may be familiar with the terms "good Karma" or "bad Karma" what that
means is that everything you do is reflected back to you so if you go through life sending out love you will get back love, if you go through life sending out hatred that is what you will get back as well.

Karmic Reiki helps to clear the negative Karma one has accumulated in this
life as well as past lives.
You will learn several exercises for doing this and will receive 4 symbols. There are 2 levels for Karmic Reiki and it is best if you are attuned to Usui Level 1 or above before receiving this attunement.

This version of Reiki is like past life regression therapy. I have used it myself with great success on myself and clients.

The Karmic Reiki Healing Course includes:

    • Karmic Reiki Attunements (there are 2 in all)

    • Karmic Reiki Certificate (not included with the Bonus)

    • Karmic Reiki Manual with attunement process & symbols


    You will get this initiation with all elements
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    what is karma

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Love & Peace,
Tom Om