Who Else Wants To Boost
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A Wealthy Lifestyle In 21 Days From Now?


This NEW Energy
System Is Called

And Removes all Blocks for Abundant Living,
And Transforms all Negativity Around Money!


What Can Karmic Money Healing
Do For You?

It is a High Vibrational Karmic Healing for money issues.

Karmic Money Healing helps heal the negative or limiting energies that people collect about money and gently yet powerfully aligns one’s own energy with that of money, wealth and abundance.

The Ultimate Karmic Money Healing not only works on past life money karma but also on present lifetime money karma, too!

Many of us have conflicting beliefs and energy about money, prosperity and abundance. We aspire to live well and to provide for our families, our employees, our animals and our communities.

However, at some point on our life journey we might have abused this energy and carry it through in our present life situation.

You will receive  special attunements that heal these karmic money
issues and lifts your and the vibration of money on the planet back to it’s natural state of abundance and prosperity for all.

“The Ultimate Karmic Money Healing system is a transformational energy especially working with the components of money which have become stuck and unmovable in your life.”

With the Karmic Money Healing  you will connect with....


  • Karmic Angel Councils

  • Money Devas

  • Energy of Karmic Mercy and Forgiveness 

  • New LEVELS for abundance and heal your money flow


Note: This is a 3 Level MASTER System


Understanding karmic influences in your personal finance is the way to understand how money flows in and out of our daily lives. How we surround our lives with these karmic forces is determined by our general appreciation of money and its role in our lives, our habits and behavior that very often were formed from our financial upbringing, unresolved emotional issues, past life experiences and the personal goals we have set for ourselves.

The underlying concept of karma is very straightforward: positive actions attract positive results and negative actions attract negative results. Therefore, the process of improving your financial life can begin immediately by simply making more positive financial decisions than negative ones, thus eliminating underlying existing karmic cycles.

Negative financial decisions are actions without the careful regard for money and the people who painstakingly work hard to earn them. Money earned from illegal means, such as smuggling, medical malpractice, selling counterfeit products and all types of get-rich-quick scams, never last long. 
Reneging on payment commitments, hard-selling by lying about a product, killing the competition via
unethical practices, bribing government officials to seal a deal, and not paying the correct tax are
examples of actions that generate negative financial karma. Even such seemingly innocuous actions as delaying bills payment, racking up huge credit card debts and “keeping up with the Joneses” when this means making a lot of sacrifices for a few moments of financial euphoria gets people into trouble.

On the other hand, positive financial karma is generated by using money frugally, lovingly and where it is most beneficial to many.  They say that “you must take care of money for it to reciprocate the same
accord to you”.  Living within one’s means, prioritizing needs over wants, settling debts, planning and saving for expected and unexpected life situations, donating regularly to charitable institutions, and
taking up an advocacy to improve the conditions of the poor all bring forth positive financial karma.

But just as it is in addition, negative and positive forces cancel each other out. If one tries to do a
positive action to temper what one consciously did as negative, one could end up with a negative karma and may not prosper in life.

The key to benefitting from financial karma is putting order, discipline and control in your personal
financial lives.  We are, after all, the “masters of our destinies.” What happens to our financial lives is purely the result of our day-to-day actions.
Karmic forces are our creations; we actually control them. The financial mechanisms that we control are those that deliver us to our financial destinies.

Karmic Money Healing is not meant to be used to hit the lottery or for “get-rich-quick” schemes, although it’s perfectly fine for you to ask to have money appear unexpectedly.
Deep Money Healing happens with every energy transmission a person receives and the speed of individual results depends on how blocked each person’s money energy is. The best results come from having the proper intention so that you can start to align with the flow of money.
As a Money Master, you can help to clear out ineffective negative energies so you or your clients can
naturally attract more money into their life. 

The most important acpect for you here is to learn how to play the 'money game' by its rules - not against. The karmic issues are solved by Higher Powers through love intend.

Unique Benefits of Karmic Money Healing:

  • Karmic Money Healing help us to balance underlying money issues

  • This system is destined to heal all energetical spectrums which prevent your abundance.

  • Perfect for all people, who want to attract a better cash flow which is blocked thru misuse in the past

  • The system will help you in clearing, healing and transforming  all karmic and relevant issues and
    obstacles from past and present lives

  • The energies of Karmic Money Healing can start a strong self healing process in body, spirit, leaving
    everything old, unnecessary, what has lost the sense in the life behind. It can be work, relationships…anything that sabotages your money flow

  • But this energy is so much wise and lovely, that if asking it’s power, it’s strength will be only to your Highest Good - from the perspective of your Soul and the Universe

"I already had the long time feeling that I have underlying karmic issues. Whatever Law of Attraction system I tried it miserably failed. Instead of getting money I spent money in the process. SInce I received the Karmic Money Healing I feel everything turns now into the right direction and my long time efforts get granted. I deeply believe that in 21 Days from now my life will be more rich." 


Samantha, Las Vegas, USA

We will work with the Abundance
ENERGIES  during the attunement.



 The ULTIMATE Karmic Money Healing includes:

  • Karmic Money Healing Attunement (3 Levels - MASTER)

  • Karmic Money Healing Manual with attunement process

  • Karmic Money Healing Certificate

  • Karmic Money Healing Music #44 min. Abundance Flow - Jupiter
    Frequence (with Binaural Beats)

  • An EXTRA Money Flow Hypnosis Law Of Attraction Audio
    (planting the seeds of Abundance and Wealth)

But it get's Even Better:

As a BONUS you will get a Past Life Reading which exactly tells you how you collected your Money Karma.


You will get to know: In which life you created that karma, the life circumstances and how it affects your life
in the presence. (Value 99$)

This Ultimate System normally
sells for over $200 - but today...


You will get the  3 Initiation PLUS Reading
For a Limited Time For Only $ 49 USD
(Special GROUP Offer: 50% DISCOUNT)

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Q: Do you offer support if I need help?
Yes! I believe that top-notch support is key for a quality product/life and I will do my very best to resolve any issues you encounter via my support mail.

Q: Do I get updates for this Reiki System and are there symbols involved as in USUI Reiki?

Yes! Automatic updates are delivered 100% free of charge to all users - there are no symbols involved.

Q: Will Karmic Money Healing will work for me?

If you follow the instructions in the manual and listen to the hypnosis audio for 21 days you will see changes.

Q: Can I pass on this system to my clients or friends?

Yes! You are authorized to attune others as this is a MASTER system.

Q: Are there any guarantees to receive more money and achieve financial freedom?

As mentioned in the manual this system is not for winning jackpots or lotteries and as such it is different than
the typical law of attraction courses. First you release the karmic pattern, then you start planting abundance seeds.

As a summary Healing, clearing and detox of money issues on your physical, tribal and spiritual levels are the main topic of this course. And  it helps you find your personal destination while removing financial fears. If you use it wisely you'll reach the NEXT level in your spiritual/abundance journey - that's for sure :)

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