Inner Power

What can the INNER STRENGTH Reiki Empowerment do for you?

Inner Strength Reiki is a special Reiki energy designed to connect the recipient with the strength of their own spirit.  It can be helpful for those who are overwhelmed, depressed, lethargic, or feeling stuck or blocked in any way. It helps release fear and provide new inspiration for tackling the problems of life. It is especially helpful for those who feel alone and afraid that they cannot do it alone.

Inner Strength Reiki works primarily with the third chakra, which is the centre of  our personal  power. 

The third chakra is where we develop good boundaries and the ability to say no.

Inner Strength Reiki not only balances the energy of the third chakra, but it integrates it with the other chakras so you have more “oomph” behind everything you do. This is an excellent energy to work with if you are starting a new business venture, or putting yourself out to the public  in any way.  It is also good to use if you are in a negative relationship and need the strength to leave.

Use it on clients who are indecisive, lost, confused, lethargic, or having a hard time getting motivated.

The energy works to balance out the entire chakra system and as such cannot overcharge the third chakra, so use it as often as needed.  It ultimately connects the individual with their soul power

In summaray the Inner Strength Reiki works on the third chakra to elevate the recipient and connect them with the inner power and strength of their soul. This energy is excellent to use with anyone who is confused, lethargic, depressed, or lacking in motivation. It is also helpful for anyone who needs some extra strength because they are starting a new venture or getting out into the public eye in any way.


The INNER STRENGTH Reiki Course includes:

    • The Inner Strength Attunement

    • Inner Strength Reiki Certificate

    • Inner Strength Access (35 min.Audio EMPOWERMENT of your INNER STRENGTH)

    • The Inner Strength Manual with attunement process

    • Guide on how to further develop your 3rd EYE



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    inner power

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