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IMARA REIKI ATTUNEMENT - Ready For A High Intensity Experience????


What Can Amara Reiki Do For You?

Imara Reiki is a stronger and more intense form of Reiki!

This attunement is using a higher frequency energy than other types of Reiki that are currently practiced. Imara Reiki uses no symbols and the attunement process is simplified as well as the way to give treatments. It creates strong connections with spiritual guides and is very effective at healing past life traumas and deeply repressed emotions and issues

The activations & attunements I offer are a really useful tool for accelerating your spiritual growth. It is also a very easy way as it requires very little effort on your part. I tune into you energetically & psychically to attune your system to energies of higher consciousness. This brings healing, balancing of your bodies & chakras & an increase in your light quotient.

‘Imara’ translates as ‘more’, so Imara Reiki means more Reiki.

Imara Reiki is a stronger and more intense form of Reiki, using a higher frequency energy than other types of Reiki that are currently practiced. The Reiki energy frequency bands are divided into 5 different levels of energy based on their frequencies. The Usui type Reiki’s uses the first three energy levels while the Karuna type Reiki’s uses level 4. Imara Reiki uses the level 5 energies and as such is considered as one of the most intense types of Reiki available.

How is it Different?

The main differences are that Imara Reiki uses a higher and more intense frequency than other types of Reiki. This means that the attunements and treatments can often be felt slightly differently. The other big differences are that no symbols are used; the attunement process is simplified as well as the way to give treatments.

What are the benefits of using Imara?

Imara Reiki is able to create strong spiritual connections with spiritual guides and also access past memories (past life and this life) for both the Reiki practitioner and the client. The energy is able to reduce and heal the psychological effects of any past negative experiences, actions and karma. By focusing on and healing past life or old traumas these resolved issues could then have a very positive effect on our present life. Many people have reported and claimed that after being treated using Imara Reiki their past life issues have been resolved and that they now find themselves able to break free from what was holding them back in life.

Imara Reiki is also very effective and commonly used to heal deeply ingrained, repressed and buried emotional and spiritual traumas and issues.

​Imara Reiki is a very easy and simple type of Reiki to use and implement, even though it is considered an intense level 5 Reiki. The energies do feel different to other types of Reiki and can often be felt as intense warmth, coupled with swirling sensations in the hand chakras. The energy and treatments are very enjoyable.

If you are a Reiki Master who gives regular distance healing, then Imara Reiki is certainly a modality that should be considered due to its effectiveness and intensity.


  • Imara is a very strong and powerful Reiki
  • Imara does not use symbols
  • Imara uses a simplified attunement process
  • Imara specialises in treating past life issues
  • Imara is effective in treating repressed issues
  • Imara treats issues on the unconscious level that may not have manifested yet
  • Imara uses an easy to use yet focused and intense distant healing technique
  • Imara can give strong connections with spirit guides providing messages and visions for both the practitioner and the client.
  • You must be a Reiki Master and over 18 to be able to use Imara Reiki

The energies used in Imara Reiki are strong and intense and it is very important that you have had some experience of using the lower frequency Reiki before starting to use Imara Reiki. It is also preferred to use the lower frequency types of Reiki to heal first and then if the issues are not cleared then to use Imara Reiki.

The IMARA REIKI Master Attunement includes:

    • Imara Reiki Attunement

    • Imara Reiki Certificate

    • Imara Reiki Meditation(60 min. Reiki Mastery Audio Click Sample Audio)

    • Imara Reiki Manual with attunement process

    • How To Gain Perfect Health eBook





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