How Much Time Do You Spend
Spinning Your Wheels and 
Resist What is Aligned For

If You Acknowlege Your Resistence
Then It is time to...
'Go With The Flow !' 

And You're IN for It Today!

Most practitioners and spiritually interested are always searching
for logical ideas and solutions because...

  •  You have learned it this way
  •  Or maybe you don't trust your Intuition.

Unfortunately, many 'regular' solutions like the Law of Attraction

haven't work for all.

But NOW, There is an Answer that can fix that.

It is Called Accept The Flow of Now.

What is the Flow Of Now?

Run and become. Become and run.

Run to succeed in the outer world.

Become to proceed in the inner world!

The Inner World Creates The Outer World - not vice versa.

We prepared a place where you will be directed on the path to galvanise the body so that it can function at its optimum.

Life is about flow and yet most of our modern day pursuits promote
stagnation. When this occurs in our bodies, everything is affected negatively.

The Flow of Life, will bring you to a place where your life realigns with its True Blueprint.

Then you can walk on any path in life and feel happier, peaceful and more alive, flow with life, flowing in the Now!

As for now most  energetic blueprint gets misaligned, congested and 'dirty' through thoughts, emotions, physical acitivities, environment, karmic imprints, ancestral linages, elementals, food intake and more, and the flow will stagnate as a result.

To shift and transform these negative aspects back into your original
blueprint you need a source which is outside from you, because...

No problem can be solved from the same level of
consciousness that created it -- Albert Einstein

How Does This VERY Powerful
Healing Solution Work?


With the Flow Of Life You Will Receive the
following Transmissions or Mini-Attunements:


• Clear, Transmute, Heal, Release and Dissolve with Love all Blocks,
Resistance and Self Sabotage You May Have Around Going with the Flow You Have Taken on from Your Friends and Loved Ones.

• Clear, Transmute, Heal, Release and Dissolve with Love all Blocks,
Resistance and Self Sabotage You May Have Around Going with the Flow You Have Taken on from Your Co-Workers, Bosses, Customers and Peers.

• REMOVE All Blocks & Negativity You may Have Taken on from the

• REMOVE Old Energies You Have Taken on from World Religions,
Ministers, Priests, Rabbis, Spiritual Teachers and Religious Leaders.

• GET INTO FLOW with the NEW Frequencies of Being TRUE to
Yourself and Embodying Your Soul.

• RELEASE, Transmute, Heal and Dissolve  all Blocks, Resistance and Self Sabotage Pattern PLUS all Negativity You May Have Taken on from Politicians, Media, Bureaucrats and Political and/or Government
Organizations and Institutions that Prevent a Healthy Flow.

• GET INTO FLOW with the NEW Frequencies of Love.

• SCANNING of your Energy Fields and a Restoration & Recalibration back to the Divine Ideal Blueprint and Flow.

• LOTUS ACTIVATION within your Heart so that Mind, Body and
Spirit are back into the Flow with your Heart.

• OPENING UP  your Chakras for Higher Awareness and 
Consciousness within the Etheric Body and sync them back into
the Universal Flow.

SPECIAL EXTRA GIFT:  Universal Healing Session For You Right NOW: Look at the Central Point on the picture below for no more than
30 seconds, say Mentally ' I AM Aligning With My Personal Flow' and sense the image Entering your Center. Your Center is the line between Your Root Chakra and the Crown Chakra - over your head.


Once you let Your Soul unfold its Divine Power...

Then you are ready for the basic activation which allows you to go with the Flow of NOW!

  • You gradually will adjust to the new energies.
  • This will allow yourself and others to send and receive the healing.
  • Let the energy do its work. Don’t try to guide the energy, it knows
    exactly where to go and brings you back into flow.
  • Trust it.


Your Higher Self will join with the Universal Energies

Of Flow During the Transmissions.

"The audio session is simply amazing. I listen to it every morning and I feel my life is spiraling up. Thanks for this amazing peace of energy healing Tom."

- Suzanne, San Diego, USA

Go with the FLOW of Now

  • 10 Universal Flow Transmission
  • Universal Flow Healing Manual

  • Being In The Flow Certificate

  • Being In The Flow Healing Audio
  • You will have your own Healing Space
  • Can be used & repeated for any issue anytime

Offer A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Included As Your BONUS Is This $69 
Body - Soul - Spirit Full Healing Audio (Contains 5 Healing Flow Modules)

Access This Amazing Universal Healing Power For

50%Discount Today!


I want to thank you for spending your time reading about this
Universal  Transformation System which should you bring back into your personal flow which is your soul blueprint.

I wish that you'll receive the full benefits of this Life Changing
Healing Power Today.

In Lak'ech,

T : O M

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