What Are Chakras?


Chakras are non-physical organs that transform raw Life Force energy into more subtle, and useable, forms of energy, of a different type. The chakras do not, themselves, contain energy. Raw energy is drawn up from the planet, by the minor chakras in the legs and feet, and fed into the main chakra system.


The major chakras are situated at:


  1. MASTER: Base chakra (base of spine, between anus and genitals)
  2. Sacral chakra (slightly above the sacrum)
  3. Solar Plexus chakra (1 hand-span above the belly button)
  4. MASTER: Heart chakra (center of the chest)
  5. Throat chakra (base of throat, above where it joins the chest)
  6. Brow chakra (exact center of forehead)
  7. MASTER: Crown chakra (whole top of head above the hairline)



Let's continue with the Heart Chakra:

We are now central all the way through our seven-leveled chakra
system. Underneath the heart chakra are the first three chakras which
speak about the things and behaviors in the exterior material world.
Above the heart chakra are the top three chakras which narrate the
interior demonstrations of the material world that are practiced
emotionally. The fourth chakra, situated over the heart, is the balance
point connecting these two extremes: the integrator of mind and body,
supposed to be the innermost home of the spirit.

The 12-petaled lotus representation of the heart chakra includes within
it two interconnecting triangles taking shape of a six-pointed star.
These triangles stand for the control of material movement upward
towards freedom and the influence of spirit shifting into
materialization. It is at this chakra that they are equally united,
producing a center of tranquility and equilibrium.

The heart chakra is associated to the element air and the excellence of
love. Air is shapeless, largely invisible, extremely essential, and the
slightest solid of our first four elements. Air is unreserved as it will get
bigger to fit any room it is put into, yet it is silky and mild.

So, too, is love. Love is the extension of the heart, the transcendence
of limitations, and the interconnectedness of the inner self. Love is a
sense of balance, simplicity, flexibility and mercy. And love at the
heart chakra is experienced as a state of life form, presented
independently of any object or person, nothing like the passionoriented
love of the second chakra.

The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Anahata, which represents "sound
that is made exclusive of any two things striking." This illustrates a
condition where we are no longer combating or challenging what we
love but touching with it in elegant synchronization. The clash of the
third chakra gives way to charming reception in the fourth.

Because Anahata is associated to the element air, it is easily reached
through the breath. The Hindus call the breathing “Prana”, which
denotes "first unit," and they consider it holds the spirit of all energy
and nourishment, remaining the point of harmony between the
psychological and material worlds. Unlocking up the inhalation,
unloosening whatever nervousness is contracting it, is a way of
accessing the heart chakra.

If the heart chakra is blocked, the very foundation of us undergoes
pain and suffering. Our breathing is low, reducing speed of our
metabolism and our material force. Fruitless at the heart, we feel
separated between mind and body. We drag in to ourselves, pull out,
and become a stopped up structure.

When the heart chakra is too wide open, there is an inclination to give
all our moment in time and force away, to be so paying attention on
"other" that we are unable to find our own center.

In an ideal world, the heart chakra should give out love from a
powerful, rock-solid heart of self-acceptance and achieve with
sympathetic attention to detail and kindness towards others. With its
fundamental significance of balance, our self-love and love for others
need to be impartial and unified.

In a straight line below the heart chakra is an additional small lotus
that is hardly ever talked about but momentous to the heart chakra.
Called the “Anandakanda” lotus, it has eight petals and contains the”
Kalpataru”, or the Celestial Wishing Tree. In front of the tree is an
altar for worship, and it is supposed that the tree holds the deeper
requirements of the heart chakra—those things we scarcely have the
courage to name but are most essential to our genuine expectations.
It is thought that when one loves at this altar by yearning from the
heart, the tree gives even more than is desired.

The working energy in this chakra is the energy of balance. That which
waits in balance has prolonged existence and exists in synchronization.
Enter the nonviolent equilibrium of the heart within yourself and
others, and you will come into contact with the secrecy of Anahata.



Heart Chakra Exercises:

To begin concentrate on these three concepts:

  1. The universe is already wonderful.
    And that comprises public and circumstances that you possibly will feel
    you are fanatical of. They continue living by a plan, for a cause: what
    you think is defective is part of the productive variety that is
    construction to help you grow. You can become skilled at knowing
    yourself from others’ understandings, behaviors or circumstances
    exclusive of having to go through them yourself!
    2. Judgment creates disagreement. Just let it go.
    By judging public and conditions, you are generating a difference for
    yourself. It is yet another ball and chain to prevent you from moving
    forward on the pathway of making well and sacred expansion. Believe
    whether it is your own vulnerabilities that are being revealed, when
    you act in reaction to a conditions or a person that gives the sense of
    narrow-mindedness. Being strong-minded of others is your inferior
    ego’s way of preventing concentration away from it and onto others.
    In the progression you will be judging yourself or penalizing it
    subconsciously for that. It's all just your brains way of turning out
    things wrong. The pleasant part of this is you don't have to do
    whatever thing "right", all you have to do is let go of the make-wrong.
    The cosmos takes care of the remainders.
    3. Compassion is a conscious act- that is contagious.
    The more kindness you work out intentionally, the more you will set in
    motion and enlarge your heart chakra, have an effect on others and
    the world we live in. It is the feeling deep within ourselves -a
    "quivering of the heart" that is time and again associated to unlocking
    the heart or consideration. The heart is the seat of the soul, the womb
    of assistance and spiritual growth. The Dalai Lama states publicly that
    mutually the self and the world can be altered by the nurturing of

    Exercise to open your Heart Chakra
    Your inhalation should be natural, but deep-rooted.
    1. Sit upright in a straight-back chair. Shut out all noise as best as you
    can and put off disturbance.
    2. Close your eyes and turn your concentration towards your heart.
    3. In your thoughts, enter your heart.
    4. To your revelation, you are now footing on a green plain in the
    landscape. The sky above you is brilliant pink. In front of you are a
    green, grassy hill, and on top of the hill is a temple. This temple is
    your heart. Hold this mental picture.
    5. Now climb the hill. You walk up the grassy slope to the temple. You
    climb the steps of the temple and come in the center doorway.
    Examine the exterior of the temple. Is it clear clean? Or is it enclosed
    with dust?
    6. Walk into the faintly lit core and move towards the inner adytum. As
    you near, you can see a sparkling light inside. The lights up and grow
    up brighter as you come near. It increases and declines in a pattern
    with your own heart beat in the bowl-like sadness in the center of the
    7. Fix your eyes on this flame. Send it your energies. See it act in
    response to your energies; observe it develop bright and tough as it
    arrives to touch the ceiling 40 feet above. You are nourishing the blaze
    of your heart. You are motivating it to expansion. Take breaths
    extremely and become conscious in the depth of your being that your
    heart center is coming alive.
    8. Open your eyes and sit in silence for a meditation for 5 minutes
    before getting bigger and finishing the workout.

    Heart Chakra Meditation
    • Sit in a half-lotus pose (using a folded towel to elevate your
    hips) or in a chair with your back in the right position as
    • Take your right arm and hold it in the right position out to your
    side, pointing with your index finger. While saying the word
    meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, bring your arm into your chest area
    bending only at the elbow. Now where your finger tip lands is
    where your heart chakra is at present located.
    • Press tightly as much as necessary that you can feel a pressure
    spot on your chest. Now position your concentration on that
    spot. Imagine the location is a grain of sand, use your thoughts
    and feel that grain of sand increasing and shimmering with
    heavenly love. From time to time people feel it being a definite
    color, or vibration.
    • Control your attention there for three minutes; if your mind
    questions off just bring your attention back to the center of your
    spot. Do not yell at yourself for loosing concentration, telling off
    is just another interruption. Once you have opened your heart
    chakra, you can move your concentration up to the third eye, or
    any other chakra center you think needs some attention.
    Tips and tricks to holding the attention

    If you possess a lot of psychological disorder and can’t seem to drop
    the thought examples, imply paying attention to comforting meditation
    music. Just imagine that you can hear all the way through the heart
    chakra and cautiously listen to every single note coming through. This
    is also considered as to listening with the heart. You may want to
    breathe all through the heart chakra. This performs just as well and
    doesn’t need music. Keep on focusing on the heart chakra; with each
    breathe visualize that you are taking in air, and then breathe out air
    through the chakra. Now as you go deeper into the meditation make
    believe you are breathing in heavenly love from the cosmos and
    breathe out all negativity, fret and be deficient in with each breath out.
    It’s suggested that you meditate 20 minutes in the morning and 20 at

    The Arch Exercise
    Structure the grounding position of chakra 1 and start in on breathing
    into your legs, developing up some charge. Then transport the charge
    into your pelvis by stirring your hips back and forth until your second
    chakra feels some of this same energy. When your hips and belly feel
    associated, start on to style an arch with your body, keeping your
    knees curved, pushing your pelvis frontward, then your stomach and
    chest, and in conclusion reaching in the air with your arms, head back.

    (Be gentle with your spine, and do not hold this pose if you feel any discomfort.)
    If you are holding the arrangement in the approved manner, you are
    supposed to feel a shaking in your chest. Take breaths into this and
    calm down as much as you can in this not easy pose, visualizing a
    green light filling up and unlocking your heart.

    Return gradually to your standing point, maintaining the knees a little
    bent, and slowly put back your arms to your sides, eyes closed.
    Remain at rest a few moments to feel the results of this exercise.
    Repeat when ready.

    Chakra Four - Associations
    • Color - green, pink
    • Element: Water
    • Color: Orange
    • Verb: I feel, I want
    • Attributes: Polarity, movement, sexuality, pleasure, emotion
    • Physical Location - center of chest
    • Purposes - emotional empowerment
    • Spiritual Lesson - forgiveness, unconditional love, letting go,
    trust, compassion
    • Physical Dysfunctions- heart conditions, asthma, lung & breast
    cancers, thoracic spine, pneumonia, upper back, shoulder problems
    • Mental and Emotional Issues - love, compassion, confidence,
    inspiration, hope, despair, hate, envy, fear, jealousy, anger,
    • Information Stored Inside Sacral Chakra - connections or
    "heart strings" to those whom we love
    • Area of Body Governed - heart, circulatory system, blood, lungs,
    rib cage, diaphragm, thymus, breasts, esophagus, shoulders, arms,
    Gemstones and Flower Essences
    Gemstones and Flower Essences that stimulate cleanse and energize
    the heart chakra
    • Gemstones - Malachite, Emerald, Rose Quartz
    • Flower Essences - Holly, Poppy, California Wild Rosel

    Heart Chakra Foods
    • Leafy vegetables: Spinach, kale, dandelion greens, etc.
    • Air vegetables: Broccolis, cauliflower, cabbage, celery, squash, etc.
    • Liquids: Green teas
    • Spices: Basil, sage, thyme, cilantro, parsley

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