Dragon Reiki Symbols


dragon reiki


Here are the symbols which will be transmitted during the attunement process:




To transform a characteristic, a feeling, energy or whatever you want to transform into the opposite or into something other.

This Symbol is versatile in use. Let your imagination run free when you use this symbol and try to use it whenever you think that a change is needed.



To balance the elements in your body, your soul and your spirit.

Its always of use wherever a new balance is needed.



Connection of body, soul and spirit.
To strengthen and stabilize one self.

With this Symbol you strengthen and intensify the connection to your higher self and your inner child.

Therefore the bond to the healing energies and to the source of creation is strengthened



outside              inside


Draw this symbol in a dark blue transparent color. Take both hands for drawing it. Or you can just visualize it.

Union of two different powers to a unity.

The first one is for things in your surrounding field, all what is in your outer area.

The second one is for all what is inside you.

If you are working on a client, please use only the first one, the second one only if you have talked about its way to work with your client.

Unity and Unification

To unify the four elements in body, soul and spirit, to strengthen, to equalize and to fulfill them.

It’s impossible to describe it, you must experience Unity and Unification for yourself.


Say the following words while drawing this symbol:

1 - 2 - 3   -   a pyramid

  • -   strengthened in earth
  • -   bound in the heart
  • -   unified in the universe

All I can say about this symbol is that it will enlighten your heart.

Dragon heart

Strength, power, silence, wisdom, life, peace and light.

Very recommended if you are not in your own center. With this symbol the attunement is sealed too.


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Love & Peace,
Tom Om


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