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From: Tom OM

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020
Dear Spiritual Friend,

My name is Tom OM and I Am a German Chiropractor, Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master who has been working internationally for more than 20 years in Germany, Italy, USA and now in the Philippines.
Did you realize that all problems in a particular field like lack of money, sickness and problems in your partnership always reoccur - whatever you try to get rid of them???
Well, my friend, the reason is that YOUR problems are deeply burried in your mis-aligned ancestral or Karmic Inheritance DNA lines. And any solutions you tried to set yourself FREE are superficial, at best.
NOW, there is a NEW solution to your tireless 'search for your personal growth and freedom'. What, if we could ease all your disturbing, distracting and often painful pattern and transform them into a joyful life?
  • You get more intuition and inspiration
  • Receiving a great amount of light, and your body can hold it
  • Helps You to remove blocks and disturbing pattern
  • Stronger immunity means more health
  • Comes up the psychic abilities
  • Having more energy
  • More abundance
  • Increasing more utilization of your brain
  • Having more clarity and you can make better choice
  • Ability unseen is going to coming up to surface
  • Releasing of unconscious patterns stored within
  • Clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns
  • Changes are going to happen for your real self coming up
  • Accelerate learning process
  • Get strength to solve problems, in return it gets easier
  • Creating a greater opening for future connection with your Higher Self
  • Empowerment for all aspect of life
I have prepared for you a Starter Kit:
  • Receive the Silicate Blue Light Body clearing and 12 Strand DNA Activation
  • Receive the Violet Light Body DNA Activation with six powerful attunements
  • Receive easy to follow 'step by step' Guides
  • Receive your Spirit Attunement Linage
  • Receive a Professional Certificate which enables you to Attune & Activate others
  • Receive a DNA Activation CD shipped for FREE with the Certificate
  • Receive email support from me
  • Receive value - not countable in $$$$$
NEW Update - Receive also a new outstanding DNA Hypnosis Audio for FREE. It accelerates all 12 Strand DNA Activations by more than 200%. Available and with no extra costs distributed for all activation levels (49$ value).
NEW Update For 2021 - Receive the new transforming DNA - Mind - Heart - Body CONVERTER also for FREE. This poweful tool aligns your Heart with your Body and Mind and is the KEY for consciousness expansion. I tested it for one year now, and the results are more than amazing!! (89$ value).
I will personally arrange with you a date and time for your DNA Activation within the next 2 Days.
First I will give you the complete FREE 7 Part DNA Activation & Healing Secrets which will be delivered directly to your mail box.
  • Discover the Essence of Your Being
  • Discover the Reasons why you have hardship, loss, pain or lack of money
  • Discover your Root Problems in your DNA which create disturbance in your Life
  • Discover the Solution that will set you FREE
  • Discover the Healing Techniques That will transform You from Inside Out
  • Discover who is responsible for Your Heartship in Your Life
  • Discover whom do you have to Forgive
  • Discover your New Life
  • And much much more.....
First Simply Fill In Your Name & Email Below To Discover The Secrets On How YOU
Can Get FREE of Your Problems NOW!

IMPORTANT: The first part of the DNA Healing Secrets will be sent to your email RIHGT AWAY! Check it NOW! (Also check your junk folder to ensure you receive the email). Enter your correct email address above to make sure your get all information. You will be redirected to the starter kit.

You will be amazed what you will discover!

See you inside!

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