Anybody Else Who Is Trapped Into Negative Feelings During This Corona Szenario?

Then you are ready to receive the:

 Corona Quantum Shift 

In these times spiritual travellers, starseeds and even the most loving & caring people on earth are affected by the actual changes in their daily life.

 They might intend to stay positive..But Inner Fears

...especially in relation with our loved ones are hard to avoid!


But NOW, There is an Angelic Help that can balance that.

It is An Angelic Corona Shift .

What is a Quantum Shift?

A  Shift is perhaps easy to explain.

The core essence of who you truly are is a soul encased in a physical body.

The challenge we all face on Earth is to BE our soul and to express our soul on this planet.

 So the goal for this Corona Quantum Shift module is to help you to disentangle from fears and negativity in your daily life - what you call reality -  and to clear
anything within you, that resists a positive experience.

The OUTER World is always a Mirror of the INNER.
Changes can come ONLY from Within!

How Does This VERY Powerful
Corona Shift Work?


With Angelic Help You Will Receive
the following Transmissions or Mini-Attunements:


• Twelve rounds of Angelic and Elohim clearing and healing energies to help each of us to stay sane, peaceful, calm, balanced and centered NO matter what is going on around us.

• Clear, Transmute, Heal, Release and Dissolve with Love Any Negative Energies, Fears and Influences We Have Taken on From Others or The Planet Around the Coronavirus Pandemic.

• Let go of Any Trauma, Fear, Financial Fears, Stress, Anxiety, Tension and Worry. 

• Helps to overcome All Fear of Uncertainty, Change, Future. 

​​​​​​​• Remove all worries of Cabin Fever and Feeling Confined being either You and /or Your Loved Ones.

• Erase All Negative Thinking, Pessimism, Despair, Hopelessness, Fear of Dying You Feel Around the Coronavirus Pandemic.

• Helping you to embody the soul trait of physical health, well being and wellness.

• Re-aligns you with the Soul Traits of Joy, Happiness and Gratitude.

• Enhance, Expand, Reinforce Our Ability, Capability and Capacity for Having a Positive Mental Attitude and Expecting the Best.

• Creates the most perfect possible coding to help you to embody Peace, Inner Peace and Peace of Mind. 

• Receive another twelve rounds of Angelic and Elohim to Enhance, Expand, Reinforce Your Inner Power To Stay Calm, Being Protected , Having Maximum Immunity & Strength AND Finally Going With The Flow while TRUSTING the Universe.

Once you let the Angelic Energy unfold its Divine Power...

Then you are ready for the quantum activation to remove negative pattern and to shift your energy field into a positive direction.

  • You gradually will adjust to the healing energies.
  • This will allow yourself and others to be in the flow.
  • Trust it.


Your Higher Self will join in the ANGELIC Energies

During the Transmissions.

"This Quantum Shift was really needed in this moment of time.  Thanks for this great session."

- Donna, Los Angeles CA

Corona Quantum Shift includes:

  • 11 Corona Transmissions
  • Corona Quantum Transmission Manual

  • Quantum Shift Certificate

  • 60 min. Healing Audio for strengthen your Immune System 
  • You will have your own Healing Space
  • Can be activated & repeated anytime

Included As Your Gift Is This Quantum Protection Healing Image For Covid-19!  


NOTE: The Quantum Immunity energy contains energetic signatures for:

#Strengthening the immune system
#Fighting viruses of all kinds
#Fighting infections
#Reducing fear
#Decreasing stress
#Reducing anger
#Neutralize any pneumonia symptoms specifically related to Covid-19
#Neutralize flu symptoms
#Vitamin C
#Zinc 72
#Baptisia root
#Echinacea root
#Elder flower
#Yerba santa leaf
#Yarrow aerials
#Whole goldenseal root extract
#Lovage root
#Cinnamon bark
#Osha root

These signatures are sourced directly from the quantum field.

Get This Amazing COVID -19 Quantum Shift & Gift for

50% Discount Today!


I want to thank you for spending your time reading about this Amazing  Quantum Shift. I wish that you'll receive the benefits of this Divine Help during these challenging times.

In Lak'ech,

T : O M

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