What can ChristLight Healing

Do For You? 

CHRISTLIGHT REIKI is a Modality brought in for You by Christ’s Light & Love
and is downloaded directly from the office of Christ. It is created in the
interplane by the CREATOR and will be transmitted
by your Higher Self/Soul


The purpose is to receive the Christ  and Master Energies directly
thru the Holy Spirit/Higher Self which will be integrated in
your energy field by the 7 Archangels. You will receive
3 attunements which are protected by Mother Mary.

The MASTER attunements implement 3 exercises to clear, stabilize
and energize your BEING with LOVE & LIGHT which are essential
for the Healing and Self Healing Process. 

First attunement: CHRISTLOVE brought in by Master Paul the Venetian

The first attunement activates the LOVE flow of  energy. This step  further stimulates the Heart chakras. You are taught to perform a Christ Love Cycle for 7 Days.

Second Attunement: CHRISTPURIFICATION brought in by Master
Saint Germain

Clearing of your channels are activated and enhanced. Gradually all energetic lines are cleared throughout all chakras. It paves the way for clearing your own or your clients energetic systems.

Third Attunement: CHRISTLIGHT brought in by the Master of the Masters - Jesus 'the' Christ 

The previous cleared channels are widened with ChristLove. Energy conduits for ChristLight are activted. After 7 days ready to be used for healing.

The attunements are composed of Love, Clearing of Your Past,

After you have received each attunement, you’ve to practice a related exercise for the next 10 days. You will receive the specific content of the exercises as a Handbook, together with an Integration CD, which will be downloaded in your email.

After 1 month of Preparation you are ready to practice Self Healing for 30 days. 

After 1 month you are a powerful CHRISTLIGHT REIKI HEALER.

You will also receive the instructions on how to use your healing hands on or over distance. You can also help to clear karma and raise the vibration of the DNA.

As Jesus said: 'Have faith – and you can do
even greater things than I did'.

CHRISTLIGHT Healing is possibly the simplest and most effective form of healing and Self-development system that exists!
By opening and strengthening the energy channels of the body, it is possible to channel LOVE, PURIFCATION and CHRIST LIGHT to yourself and others, just by intention.
This ChristLight System was brought to this Earthly plane by the office of Christ through the assistance of Paul de Venetian and Saint Germain.
Purpose is to activate and circulate each Masters energy for healing and to manifest ChristLight on this earth and beyond.
I will work with all 3 MASTERS during the giving of the attunements.



As a SPECIAL Bonus you will get the 'Hands of Jesus' Empowerment. I believe
that the empowerment of the Hands of Jesus can and must be reclaimed
(as it has countless times in the past) and with a serving and  humble spirit. 
It is now offered again, in that same spirit.

"I enjoyed my sessions with Christ. I feel clearly that my hands getting very hot during all of my healing sessions. Even more than with USUI Reiki alone. I believe these sessions really enhanced my Healing Power and Self Love.  I would recommend for ANYONE to try out this precious CHRISTLIGHT Power. It is an experience of a lifetime."
Julia Wright , USA

ChristLight Healing includes:

      • Christlight Healing attunements (3 attunements: Love - Purifaction - Light)

      • Christlight Healing Certificate

      • Christlight Healing Home Study Course with attunement process

      • BONUS: Hands of Jesus Empowerment

      • WONDERFUL Christlight #60 min.Angelic Healing Music


You will get this initiation for a
Limited Time
For Only $ 49 USD

(special GROUP offer: 50% DISCOUNT)

P.S. - Christ's  power is within us all and simply by learning the correct techniques, anyone can learn to channel this energy and practice  healing. With this home study course, you can learn through the power of Christ  in your own time, at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home. Already a Reiki practioner? Use this course to increase your Healing Spectrum!

P.S.S. - Wouldn't you like to have increased energy, more focus for goals and dreams, new awareness, new abilities, and transcendental states? As the plant reaches toward light, the ChristLight pushes us to reach for enlightenment; it removes any energy blocks in its way. To make your life different, you must start to do things differently. Start today.

Reclaim Your Christ Light Now! Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed.



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