Would You Like To Transform
Old Programming &
Negative Habits
In Your Aura?

This  System Is Called Energy Field Igniter
 Which Connects You With

A Special Healing Ray, considered to be the
Magical Light Empowerment for your Aura..

What Can The Aura Igniter Do For You?

The healing system will work on both the physical body and the Aura & Chakras.

 It unblocks energetic blockages within the body promoting healing of the
body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

This healing system allows healing energy to normalize restricted cells.

Energy blocks in the luminous energy field is automatically balanced and normalized.

With the Luminous Energy Field Empowerment you will connect with....

  • Divine Life Force

  • Energy with Cosmic Intelligence

  • Personal Healing Power

  • New LEVELS of Purifaction

Note: This is an AURA Ignition Empowerment


This powerful Healing & Transformation Modality  which the  Luminous Energy Field Clearing and
Empowerment truly is - locates where the energy imprints are stored in your Aura and removes and erases these imprints and refortify the luminous fibers and energy field.

When this is done, the templates of physical and psychological illness formed by trauma, past-life events, and inherent forces are removed so that the body, mind and spirit can return to good health in accordance with divine blueprint.

This empowerment will repair damages to the Aura such as ones caused by painful memories,
destructive thoughts and or emotional pain so that our physical body will not be plagued by disease.
The Aura clearing and empowerment clears out the energetic, mental and emotional blocks so that our physical body will heal itself. The energy will clear out what brought the disease into the physical. This will restore vitality and health so that painful, traumatic, difficult situations from past lives or childhood do not continue to manifest in the physical causing damage to our energy field.

The energy of this system will clear the chakras of any heavy and or harmful, negative energies of the Auric Energy Field pattern that are stuck so that these energies do not slow or stop up the chakras, disabling the system from pulling in the essential energies to supply our energy system and, therefore, our physical bodies at the optimal level.

After the chakras are cleaned and cleared they will operate appropriately, pulling energy, feeding the rest of the system, bringing about a balanced state.

The chakras will be opened and cleansed of these energies and filled with Divine Light from the 12th
dimension and above.

As we work with the energies of this system will break self sabotaging, negative habits that have been troublesome in releasing.

Reoccurring patterns will be cleared. Negative imprints such as disease or traumatic experience are cleared so that there are no damages to the Luminous Body. We will experience freedom from anger, insecurity, fear and other lower natured emotions so that these no longer drive our choices in life. This healing system helps to rid us of karmic imprints from past lives and prepare us for serious ascension work and grid work on the planet.

Energetic blockages from underlying beliefs, perceptions and feelings held within the subconscious mind are cleared so that healing brings these factors to the conscious mind for healing and transformation. Blockages in the flow of energy through the body showing up as a symptom either within our physical body (as discomfort, tension, or ill-health), or within another area of our life (such as relationships, finances, career, creativity, purpose etc) will be cleared.

The healing system will work on both the physical body and the auric energy field, and the chakras to unblock energetic blockages within the body promoting healing of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

This healing system allows healing energy to normalize restricted cells. Energy blocks in the aura are
balanced and normalized.

REMEMBER: This is an ALL in ONE Healing System!

Unique Benefits of Aura Ignition Empowerment:

  • Removal of old programming
  • Freedom from negative habits and patterns 
  • Heals Depression and Fears
  • Transmutes attachements and Cessation of physical pain
  • Release from negative self sabotaging habits or addictions
  • Provides you with cleansing power
  • Increased happiness and contentment with life
  • Less emotional upset and living in a more balanced state
  • Brings clarity and direction for your life 
  • Heals relationship challenges; to finding love and happiness
  • Helps you to uncover life purpose
  • Riddance of unnecessary karmic imprints from past lives and Increased trust in Source
“This is more than I ever could have expected. After calling in the energies I feel more clear, happy and positive than ever before. It's like being born again!”

—Sarah Penglis, Denver, Colorado, USA



We will work with your Higher Self during the empowerment






Aura Ignition Healing includes:

  • Luminous Energy Field Empowerment

  • Energy Field Empowerment Manual with attunement process

  • Luminous Energy Field Empowerment Certificate

  • Aura Healing #60 min.Body & Soul Transformation Music






Rainbow Healing Pendant (VALUE $42 USD)



You will get this Initiation PLUS the Bonus Above
For a Limited Time For Only $ 39 USD
(Special GROUP Offer: 50% DISCOUNT)



Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Q: Do you offer support if I need help?

Yes! I believe that top-notch support is key for a quality product/life and I will do my very best to resolve any issues you encounter via my support mail.

Q: Do I get updates for this  System and are there symbols involved as USUI Reiki?

Yes! Automatic updates are delivered 100% free of charge to all users - there are NO symbols involved.

Q: Will Luminous Energy Field Empowerment will work for me?

No prerequiste healing layer is needed - but you need an open mind.

Q: I have other questions regarding the usage of , can you help?

Yes! You are welcome to ask any question you wish from my
support mail.

Q: Are there any health risks inolved in case I have a disease?

As mentioned in the manual you have to always contact a health practioner or doctor in cases of severe problems. So - any form of energy healing only substitutes your overall healing efforts.

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