Are You Sometimes Looking For A More En-lighted Life?


Deep Inside Yourself You Know That There
Is MORE Than The Outer Life Suggests.

That's right. Often people feeling drained by their daily life and
and negativity which is now coming to the surface.

-- That makes us feel powerless. 
-- Or pull us deep into the turmoil of dark episodes and shadows. 

Unfortunately, these negative dramas let most people think that this is called a...


But You KNOW, There is a CHANGE coming up.

It is the Age of Enlightenment - the New Cycle of Life.

Today I will present you a Powerful Atlantis Healing Pack that can help you raising your vibration and brings more healing on all levels.

What Does The Atlantis Power Healing Pack Do?

The Atlantis Power Healing Pack aims to provide a quick, easy and effective way to connect energetically with the light energies of Atlantis.

This may include specific Atlantean objects, qualities, aspects, teachings, spiritual practices, consciousness etc. for healing, psychic, personal and spiritual development.

 The Atlantis Power Healing Pack is safe and only connects with energies of light with your full consent. It does not include any energies, symbols or other connections other than the pure light energies associated with Atlantis. 

What Will These Energies Do For You?

Activating the energies of this attunement may result in: 

● Energetic connects with all energies associated with Atlantis. 
● Access the energies of Atlantean teachings and consciousness.  
● Energetic connections with Atlantean objects.  
● 35 built-in Atlantean healing and spiritual functions.  
● Personal and spiritual development.  
● Ascension and enlightenment.
● Psychic development.  
● Can be combined with any energy practices.  
● Great addition to any energy healing practices.  
●  Raise your vibration.

Especially the 35 built-in Atlantean healing and spiritual functions  have
a complete build in healing power for almost every possible healing aspect.   

Activate the energies for your self and others to raise your vibration and clear negative energies that may be holding you back.

 I love these Atlantean energies. Also the Crystal you implanted into my thrid eye is very useful for all healing sessions I did for myself and with my clients. The High Vibration of the Atlantean Crystal is absolutely powerful, but at times even too strong.. So I tried to use it in moderation. Overally I feel blessed to get involved in this healing modality. Thanks again!  

Eva Dobbson, Wyoming, USA


# Healing For Physical - Specific physical (like headache) - and DNA Healing

# Emotional - Specific Emotion  (like anger) - Love and kindness 

# Mental - Specific mental  (like overthinking) - mental clarity

# Relationships - Specific relationship (like husband) - send energies to someone

# Career - Specific career (new job) - Workplace

# Animal healing - Earth healing - Elemental healing

# Aura - Specific Auric Layer - Earth Aura

# Chakras - Meridians - Kundalini

# Balance your energies - Protection - Specific protection  (like your home)

# Spiritual - Specific spiritual - Karma (Clearing)

# Past Lives - Past events - Present events  - Future events 

# Ascension - Raise vibration - Empowernent

NOTE: Due to the open-ended nature of the energies provided in this attunement, there is potential for new functions to reveal themselves to you that are specific to you and your needs.



Do You Resonate With The Idea
Of Healing Yourself With Atlantis Power? 


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To Your Blissful Life,

T : O M

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