Akashic Records Attunement

What can the Akashic Records Access do for you?

The Akashic Records are also known as the "Universal Mind" amongst other things. They are a collective subconsciousness. The Akashic Records are of the
past, present and future, with my workings of the Akashic Records I find mostly
past and present information but the future is also there too. They are not actual books as they might appear when you access them, rather they are an energetic vibration that translates into images, symbols language and imagery that you can understand.

Everyone can access their own Akashic Records, you can also access others
with the permission of their higher self. Carlos Castaneda has written about the Akashic records, I would suggest also getting some of his work and reading it along with this empowerment. I think utilizing all the tools available to you will help your intuitive nature become more and more "second nature". Some benefits from accessing your Akashic Records are, knowing the future, spiritual
guidance, knowing how the past influences you in the now, seeking truth and
many more reasons.

You will receive the attunement to enable you to begin your healing using the
Akashic Records. The manual will help you with visualizing and I will be there
with support via email. I also would recommend the Karmic Reiki attunement with the Akashic Records. I am attuned and have mastered both, and have used them successfully in going into my own past in search for answers. If you are looking to search your past lives and learn how they influence you now, you are here at the right place.


The Akashic Records Course includes:

    • Akashic Records Attunement

    • Akashic Records Reiki Certificate

    • Akashic Records Access (60 min. Guided Meditation)

    • Akashic Records Manual with attunement process

    • Complete Akashic Chronicle Guide (160 pages)



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Love & Peace,
Tom Om


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