“Attract the Life You Desire Now!”


Are You Ready to Finally Be Free from Negative Thoughts, Painful Emotions, Toxic Relationship
and Causes of Dis-ease?





 With the Ultimate  DNA Activation 
Package  You Can Quickly, Painlessly

Permanently Release…


  • The limiting thoughts, feeling and beliefs that have been attracting unwanted experiences into your life, so your energy becomes aligned with what you want to attract, and you naturally draw to you the experiences you want;
  • The unwanted emotions, such as fear, anger, depression and anxiety, so you can experience more joy and freedom in your life;
  • The toxic and harmful relationship patterns for all types of relationships, including family of origin, romantic, family and business, so you attract to you the people you want in your life;
  • The causes of physical pain, dis-ease and allergies, so you have more energy and vitality, feel better in your body, and allow your body to heal naturally.

DNA Activation help you to clear the
negative Programming one has
accumulated in this
life as
well as past lives.



Become a Magnet for What You Want in Your Life!


It’s easier than you might think. All you have to do is be open to a little help. I have been helping people from around the world for many years break free from their blocks and fears, and change their lives
with the Ultimate  DNA Activation Solution.


What is the Ultimate DNA Activation Clearing & Healing and How Can It Help Me?


The Ultimate DNA Activation Clearing & Healing is a done with a powerful 5-step process, using an extremely gentle, non-invasive spiritual healing technique that can be done from anywhere in the world. It clears and removes limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs; discordant and negative energies; cellular memory; curses, contracts and vows; and other subconscious blocks from your soul records. (Your soul records are also known as your Akashic Records, which are a collection of every experience you have ever had since creation.) Once these have been cleared, you will be able to experience joy and ease in your life, and attract to you the life you desire.

With the Ultimate 12 Strand DNA
Activation You Can Have…


  • More Abundance and Prosperity


  • Loving, Supportive and Fulfilling Relationships


  • Greater Success and Work You Love


  • Accelerated Progress on Your Path of Spiritual Growth and Evolution


  • Self-Esteem and Confidence, Loving Yourself Unconditionally


  • A Life Filled with Purpose and Passion

  • More Joy in Your Life


The Ultimate DNA Activation

Raises your vibration by releasing your subconscious, limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and replacing them with high-vibration, life-affirming, empowering ones. When your energy is higher, you attract to you people, places and experiences that you want in your life.

The Ultimate 12 Strand DNA Activation activates all 12 of your energetic DNA strands, which awakens your Etheric and Astral Bodies. Activating your 12 DNA strands increases your intuition and your connection with Spirit. Activating your 12 DNA strands returns you to your natural state, before our DNA was deactivated thousands of years ago. The Ultimate  DNA Activation Activation is a natural and essential step in our
spiritual unfoldment and evolution.

The Ultimate DNA Activation Solution is done working together with my Spiritual Team – a special committee of Spirit Guides, that works at higher levels of consciousness with your Soul and High Self, to get the most
authentic and thorough results possible. Working synergistically, we activate your full 12 DNA Strands.

But you have to be clear first that your  DNA is your personal blueprint set forth by First Source and the
7 seeders of worlds and contains all of your mental, physical, emotional and Spiritual information. All of this
information is referred to as the Akasha or all the data that comprises this universe! Only by understanding
and agreeing on this crucial concept,  an Activation of your compromised DNA makes sense.

Finally Your DNA Activation Session Can
Be Summarized that our…

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the divine blueprint of our lives. DNA contains two active strands of molecules wrapped around each other in a helix (a 3D curve/coil). With 12 Strand DNA Activation 10 additional strands will be activated. These are non-physical (5 double non helix) strands. These strands are inter-dimensional and affect 3D physicality as encoded information contained within our DNA, which is relative to both our physical andspiritual lineage. Scientists refer to these 10 strands as shadow strands and they have lain dormant until now.

The 12 Strand DNA Activation will assist you in becoming a conscious multi-dimensional lightworker as your soul evolves into higher frequencies by activating your DNA code beyond its twin strand spiraling DNA helix. This consciousness is much vaster then the veil allowed prior to this activation.

You can attune others to the energies.

Benefits May Include:

- Heightened Awareness
- Heightened Intuition, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience
- Strengthened Immune System
- Regeneration of dis-eased Cells
- Physical Body Detoxification
- More Energy – Look/Feel Younger
- Clearing of Genetic and Karmic Patterns
- Higher Connection to the Divine
- Receipt of Your Spiritual Birthright Gifts
- Better Health
- Greater Connection to Spirit Guides, Angelic Realm and other Dimensions 

“This DNA Activation is SO extraordinary ! Since the beginning I was attracted to arrive here! I am feeling exhausted at this moment, as it took a long time to reach this stage in my life. I find no words, except I'm going to sleep ~calmly~ with a Gratitude smile.”

—Darna, Montreal, CANADA

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In Lak'ech,


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