The 9 Crucial Reiki Positions

With Reiki treatments and the proper applications of Reiki positions, the energies are balanced and a new life quality is achieved. Through all of these, the Reiki hand positions play a vital role.

Once a Reiki treatment is conducted, the Reiki positions of your hands have to be properly executed. Doing it properly and mentioning ‘Reiki’ before starting, will let the individuals give the subjective feeling of heat, coldness or pulsation. Basically Reiki can be applied on others or yourself. Importantly are the right Reiki positions, which will differ from problem to problem. If you are not a Reiki practitioner, this article will give you an idea on how to deal with Reiki positions.

Basically the first Reiki positions for your hands are the face. Put your palms on the face of your client. Make sure that the palms should form a cup over the eyes while the fingers are on the forehead. There must be no pressure at all but only a gentle touch.

The second position includes the hand on the crown and on the top of the head. Both hands must be on the sides of the head whereas the heels of the hands are located near the ears. The fingertips must be able to touch the crown.

The third position is at the back of the head. Form a cross by using your arms. One of the hands must be on the head while the other one is above the neck’s nape.

The fourth Reiki positions include the heart and collarbone. Make a V-like shape with the thumb and fingers. You must be able to easily hold your neck via the V formation. Make sure that you lower one of your hands and have it resting in between the collarbone and the heart.

The fifth has something to do with touching the jaw line and the chin as well. Again, let your hands form a cup and let your chin rest in it. Let your hands wrap themselves on your jaw line. The sixth position includes your ribs. Put your hand on the upper portion of the rib cage and provide some support to the bended elbows. The other hand should be on the abdomen. Let your fingertips touch your tummy.

The seventh Reiki positions are at your pelvic zone. Gently put your hands on your pelvic bone and allow your fingertips to touch this area.

Then the eight Reiki position involves your shoulder region. Gently bend your elbows and arms over the head and touch your shoulder blades with your hand. While your elbows are bent, put your hands onto the center part of your back. Same Reiki positions will be applied when you treat a patient.

As the final position you will treat the lower back and the sacrum. Put your hands rest on either your or your clients lower back. Lower your arms and then place them on the sacral area and then keep a relaxed feeling.

The main purpose of Reiki positions is to activate the energy flow of universal life force and bring balance in the different body and chakra areas. The above positions include always a chakra which is positioned in that body and gland area. The reason is to activate through the proper energy flow the related body part. Do it through the right Reiki positions.

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