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KARUNA KI REIKI - Creating A Much More Positive Reality NOW!!!

What Can Karuna Reiki Do For You?

Karuna Reiki empowers yourself, and connects you to your own innate divinity!

Karuna is a Sanskrit word, meaning compassionate action.

The vibration of Karuna Reiki is much higher that that of the traditional Usui Reiki, and links you with the Angels and Ascended Masters.

It is more cosmic and works on the subtle bodies first, which is where disease starts, and then works inwards to the physical body thus it is a preventative as well as a cure.

As you work with the energy, anything that does not serve your highest good drops away, and you find yourself creating a much more positive reality, in which to live:- as you go with the higher shifts of consciousness, which are manifesting upon the planet at this time.

These attunements are taken within the energies of the Ascended Masters and Angels.

This is an invitation you cannot refuse!

History Of Karuna Reiki

The system was developed by William Rand although the symbols used in this system have been channelled by other Reiki Masters around the world. William was the one who was guided through meditation to develop the system called Karuna Reiki and its attunement process. Karuna Reiki energy is different than Usui Reiki as the energy has a more definite feeling to it and works on all the energiy bodies at the same time. Practitioners report a feeling that the energy simply surrounds them and the client instead of simply flowing through them, it also has a grounding effect.

Those who receive the attunements often report experiences with their guides, angels and higher self, and feeling the healing presence of other enlightened beings.

What is Karuna Reiki?

Translated from Sanskrit, it means “to take comapssionate action to diminish the suffereing of others.” as we become enlightened, we recognise that we are all connected with each other and therefore it is natural for us to want to extend compassionatte action to our fellow human beings that may be suffering. The spirit of Karuna implies that we use wisdom to guide us in imparting the energy to heal ourselves as well as others. As you develop Karuna in yourself, you will become more receptive to its healing energies and therefore your personal healing will be quickened.

Karuna Reiki Course

The Karuna Reiki course consists of 1 Master attunement (2 in ONE), 4 Master Symbols, and a total of 8 Treatment Symbols. The first Karuna Symbol prepares the client for very deep healing and is extremely useful with past life issues as it helps release Karma and deeply seated issues that are often stored at the cellular level. The second symbol breaks up negative patterns we unconsciously use to insulate ourselves from the truth and others thus helping us to shatter delusion and denial. The third symbol fills the person with unconditional love and restores balance. The 4th symbol is used for grounding upon completion of the treatment.

The Karuna 2 Symbols are of an even higher vibration helping us to connect with our higher selves so that we may work on a deeper level while they too have specific purposes, they allow us to use our intuitive guidance in the moment in whateve way is appropriate.

Karuna Reiki is overshadowed by the Ascended Masters , Angels and all enlightened beings for the purpose of enabling the initiate to manifest the optimum increase in their own vibratory rate.


SUMMARY - Karuna Reiki can be used for the following purposes:

  • Increase the body’s ability to heal itself

  • Clear and release Karmic blocks

  • Connect to the Higher Self and Lower Self

  • Create a higher state of conscious awareness

  • Creates trust in life and helps heal relationships

  • Clears the mental processes and helps heal addictions

  • Heals unconscious patterns and increases creativity

"The basic principle of Karuna Ki is the connection to (and becoming) the embodiment of compassion both for healing self and others, and to send healing and compassion to all creation."

--Vincent Amado


The IMARA REIKI Master Attunement includes:

    • Karuna Reiki Attunement (ALL in ONE)

    • Karuna Reiki Certificate

    • Karuna Reiki Blessings(30 min. Amazing Mastery Audio Click Sample Audio)

    • Karuna Reiki Manual with attunement process

    • The Mystery of Incarnation Guide



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