13 Ascended Master Attunements

THE ASCENDED MASTER ATTUNEMENTS - Direct Universal Guidance!!!

What can the 13 Ascended Masters do for you?

The 13 Masters will guide you in your daily life!

This attunement will assist in bringing the Ascended Masters energy closer to you so you can work with their energies on a more personal basis. Call in their energies when you have questions or problems, to assist you when receive energy empowerments. They are there to help you, all you need to do is ask.

The activations & attunements I offer are a really useful tool for accelerating your spiritual growth. It is also a very easy way as it requires very little effort on your part. I tune into you energetically & psychically to attune your system to energies of higher consciousness. This brings healing, balancing of your bodies & chakras & an increase in your light quotient. You should be able to communicate more easily with the Ascended Masters & receive divine wisdom & guidance more clearly.

You will receive attunement into several levels of your being including your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies, your higher self & monadic levels, into your chakras, & into your ascension chakras, & grounded into your earth star chakra beneath your feet & down into the heart of Mother Earth. By receiving this attunement you will be doing more than helping yourself you will also be helping mother earth & the rest of humanity too!

Everyone can call upon the Ascended Masters at any time. But by having these Ascended Masters attunements, it will bring the energies of the Master much closer to you. Allowing them to better work in your etheric /energy background.

The following Ascended Masters you will be attuned to...

Master Kuthumi
Who helps with, centering, devotion, focus and relaxation.

Master Moses
Who helps with, living in the now, clear communication, trustfulness and leadership qualities.

Master Buddha
Helps with, peace, joy, spiritual growth and understanding

Master Sanat Kumara
Helps with, protection, clearing from low energies, healing work, ascension

Master Jesus
Helps with, divine guidance and instruction, forgiveness, healing, manifestation

Goddess Abundantia
Helps with abundance in all areas

Master Maitreya
Helps with joy, peace and compassion

Goddess Mary
Helps with parenting, children, caringness and nurturing

Goddess Quan Yin
Helps with compassion, kindliness and mercy

Master Merlin
Helps with alchemy, crystals, phsyic abilities, healing and wisdom

Master Saint Germain
Helps with protection, clearing, healing, inspiration and braveness

Master Padre Pio
Helps with healing, forgiveness, spiritual growth and clairvoyance

Master Seraphis Bey
Helps with personal and global peace, ascention, overcoming issues and artistic and creative projects.

You will receive 13 distant energy attunements in ONE. You can then call in each separate Ascended Master at your leisure. There is one manual that will be emailed to you with this system.

The Ascended Master Attunement include:

    • 13 Ascended Master Attunements (LEVEL 1-13 in ONE)

    • Ascended Master Certificate

    • Ascended Master Meditation(33 min.Mastery audio Click Sample Audio)

    • Ascended Master Reiki Manual with attunement process

    • 12 Master Rules of Ascended Mastery




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